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policy, terms, & conditions



a retainer (deposit) of $50 is required to secure your photography appointment with cd studios and must be paid at the time of booking (retainer goes toward remaining balance).
all retainers are final and non-refundable.



photography: our standard turnaround time is (1-2 weeks) for 3-10 Images
rushed edits: (next day) - $200 | (2-4 days) - $150, (5-7 days) - $100

graphic design: our standard turnaround time is (3 - 5 days) for ONE graphic


weekends and holidays are not included in turnaround times, which only apply to weekdays.

*turnaround times may vary depending on the length and depth of the project*



Rescheduling is available up to 72 hours prior to shoot. Any rescheduling done after the 72 hour policy stated above, will result in a $35 inconvenience fee. Any rescheduling done past 2 weeks of original shoot date, will require a new deposit. If needing to reschedule due to EMERGENCIES ONLY (such as early pregnancies or sickness) deposit will be held for 1 month after original shoot date, after this time a new deposit will be required to move forward with reshooting. If rescheduling happens more than twice for any reason, a new deposit will be required.

late policy.

you are given 15 mins before a late fee of $25 occurs (Be mindful that your shoot may not be the only one that day). after being 20 minutes late, your shoot will be cancelled. 

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